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Mitel 3300
The Mitel 3300 IP-PBX provides medium to larger hotel/motel and enterprise businesses advanced, feature-rich communications, centralized system management, scaleability and avoid equipment obsolescence. With the Mitel 3300, enterprises can now network multiple locations, include conference bridges for single or multi location conferencing. email and CRM integration and other advanced applications across their VoIP network.  This could include corporate headquarters, remote offices, and employee home offices alike.  The Mitel 3300 is ideal for larger hotel/motel environment looking to replace costly legacy PBX systems.
Mitel SX200/200ICP VOIP-PBX
Mitel SX-200 and 200ICP VOIP PBX is ideal for 20-250 stations in business offices and hotel/motel applications as well, but can also expand to meet the needs of medium and larger locations. Whether you have ten employees in one office, or five hundred spread across the country, a Mitel SX-200 or 200ICP VoIP PBX delivers the advanced capabilities your business demands.
Mitel SX-50 Digital/VoIP-PBX
This refurbished Digital Communications System uses an innovative, compact design, which provides easy system expansion, troubleshooting and card replacement. Mitel’s SX-50 is a digital system, using the superset line of digital handsets and attendant console. This product is ideal for smaller motel applications needing a tight budget solution.  With a robust range of features, the SX-50 is an industry favorite at an affordable price!

Mitel 5000/MiVoice Hybrid VoIP System
The Mitel 5000 Communications Platform, now called the MiVoice, allows small to medium businesses to utilize existing Intertel handsets or Mitel IP and digital handsets. The Mitel MiVoice offers advanced Unified Communications applications for single and multi site companies. The Mitel MiVoice offers cost-effective growth to 250 users and multiple sites.

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